AJ Travel: Helping The Disabled Be More Active

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Today we would like to bring to your attention that here at A J Travel we like to go out of our way to help our disabled clients, whether its group transport to a social or sports event or an individual service for a medical checkup. We aim to please all the way.

We recently heard of a new Charter to be unveiled to get many more disabled people active, the English Federation of Disability Sport recently launched a new starting block for change, which the charity hopes will lead to many more disabled people being active for life. 

Calling for more providers to commit to the Charter for Change, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson states in their article taken from SportBirmingham.org :

“Being active has so many social, health and economic benefits for everyone. So it is concerning that more organisations do not prioritise disabled people’s activity in their work. We know it is not one simple change needed to improve the continual low numbers of active disabled people. It could involve many short or long term changes. I am delighted to be a part of the Charter’s launch and hope to see more organisations commit to change.”

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We understand how difficult being active is, especially when you are a disabled individual, and how much more convenient and pleasant it is to experience a welcoming travel service with a familiar face. Many individuals prefer things done in a certain way or order but do not appreciate explaining their preferences over and over again at a regular basis.

Here at A J Travel we can offer you the same driver that you are happy with to transport you or your group to your routine destination. Give us a call on 0121 3666777 for a free quote icon wink AJ Travel: Helping The Disabled Be More Active

Image source: http://www.wheelpower.org.uk/WPower/index.cfm/news/wheelpower-to-transform-more-lives-with-opportunities-to-play-sport/


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