An idea for the next travel:Yorkshire

Are you ready for the next travel? Leaving Brighton behind, today we would like to move on to Yorkshire, one of the largest counties of United Kingdom.

Boasting the long history it covers, Yorkshire can suit all tastes and budgets. Visitors here can enjoy the variety of places to be, ranging from vast stretches of unspoiled countryside to modern and historical architecture. Due to the breathtaking scenery it has, Yorkshire is also nicknamed as “God’s Own Country”.

Yorkshire is admitted to be the greenest of entire country. In fact, Yorkshire’s tree population outnumbers its human population. Majority of the cities here are verdant, such as Sheffield, not to mention the unspoiled rural areas including Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors. Hundreds of parks, woodland areas, and gardens here welcome thousands of tourists every year from all over the world.

yorkshire useable An idea for the next travel:Yorkshire

Yorkshire can also be notable for its many other architectural elements which are very popular among tourists. One of the impressive buildings in the county is York Minster, with its medieval Central Tower – the highest point in the city of York – the capital of County. Other famous attractions worth visit include Clifford’s Tower built in the 13th century, The National Railway Museum, majestic Castle Howard, Yorkshire Museum and Gardens.

york minster An idea for the next travel:Yorkshire

We can talk about this amazing county for hours, but one look is worth a thousand words, so visit and get life-long memories from your travel! And if you’re planning to come here on your family vacation, consider renting one of our minibuses for your trip! We can make your time in Yorkshire the best of all!







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