Apps for a Great Road Trip

Last week, we reviewed our pick of road trip essentials to help you enjoy your trip a little better. Today, we go through a few amazing apps that can make going anywhere much easier.

Until a couple of years ago, going on road trips meant learning large maps and stopping a hundred times at various places to ask around for directions. The scenario is not the same today, as paper maps and occasional stops have become a thing of the past. Technology has influenced travel to a large extent. Now we can simply switch on our GPS and reach anywhere without a hassle. While Maps is the travel app we are all most familiar with, there are a few others that are very helpful during a road trip. Discover them below!

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The Ultimate Planning App- RoadTrippers

This free app on both Android and iOS stores is, as the name suggests, built exclusively for the ultimate road trip enthusiast. You can plan your next road trip directly from the app, which suggests the best routes, and diners, and great tourist spots on the way.

Share your location safely with Glympse

Sharing your location on the road is made easy by Glympse, allowing you to send temporary ‘Glympses’ of where you are using just a click, no sign-in needed. This way. your buddy can keep up easily, and you don’t have to spend more time than necessary on your phone to communicate your location. Don’t text and drive!

Tune In for Entertainment

We recommend Tune In for entertainment, as it connects you to any radio station you want (from the registered list, which includes over a 100,000!) across the globe.


What’s an app list without a selfie app? Updating from the world of selfie-lovers, Boomerang is all the rage now. The Instagram feature allows you to capture short clips and plays them in a loop, creating a boomerang-like effect. It will certainly make your trips more fun, better than monotonous selfies any day!

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