Benefits Of Renting A Minibus Or Coach

We all experience those occasions when you need to transport a large group of people quite often in our lives. Renting a Minibus, Coach or Van with AJ Travel comes with many benefits that simply make other forms of transportation unnecessary.

Renting one, suitable sized Bus for your group , can alleviate many of the often frustrating aspects of travelling as a large group. AJ Travel has many years of experience buying and renting top quality and reliable buses, we have all the knowledge and experience needed to make your bus rental an easy task and pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. Approaching us for your transport needs, you can be sure that, no matter the size or type of group you wish to cater for, we can certainly and effectively collaborate with you to co ordinate a plan of transportation suited to your own unique needs.

Forget about the headaches that come along with trying to put together a hectic car or caravan journey, and no need to worry about how your going to get there and what roads & turns to take. With GPS systems, cell phones, and all the other technological advances in communication available, you can either rent it with a driver to do all the driving for you or drive it yourself. Organizing a successful group journey no longer needs to be a nightmare. The buses we have available for rental come in 8-14 passenger sized vehicles that even offer wheelchair accessibility. And with a bus rental, your group can stay together throughout the whole journey.

Travelling Together

Road Trip 150x150 Benefits Of Renting A Minibus Or CoachWhether you’re travelling as a large family, with a social or religious club, a sports team, , or as a big group of friends, a bus rental in Birmingham West Midlands lets your group remain together and communicate easier. Renting a bus is also an extremely cost effective and environmentally sound mode of transportation. With gas prices rising, travelling together in a bus is much cheaper per passenger than if you were to travel in a bunch of cars. According to data reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation, buses expend far less energy per passenger than cars, trains, or airplanes. Per passenger, cars expend about 4.5 times more energy than buses, trains expend about 3 times more, and planes expend around 6 times more energy than buses.

Remaining together as a group allows you to be more flexible during the trip as well, when deciding to make service or sight seeing stops during your trip. Travelling in a bus makes it far easier because your group members are in constant communication.

Another advantage of travelling together in a bus is that it makes it easier to utilize your travel time better. If you’re a travelling sports team for example, an invigorating pep talk or thoughts on game strategies can be more easily shared while on the road.

So when you’re planning your next big trip, remember that AJ Traval can keep your group together while sharing the experience as a whole.

If you’re interested in a bus rental service in the West Midlands or beyond, please contact us at: 0121 3666777

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