Botanical Gardens- A Treat for the Eyes and the Heart

If you haven’t been there yet, the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham is a place you must never miss. This week we explore the flowery gardens of Edgbaston, virtually of course. 

Talk about places to visit in West Midlands, and the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. Located in the heart of Birmingham, the gardens are more than a hundred years old, and retains its initial design and layout to this day. For the botanical enthusiast, the place is pure heaven, as it houses some very rare and old plant species, among the 7000 varieties of trees, plants, shrubs, etc.

botanical Botanical Gardens  A Treat for the Eyes and the Heart

A view to behold Source: geography.co.uk

Where there are plants and trees, there is also life that is nurtured among them. The botanical gardens is also home to exotic birds from around the world. These include parrots, cuckoos, and peacocks among others. Some of the birds have been inhabiting the garden for more than a decade or so, and are extremely tame.  You can also enjoy the presence of rare butterflies while in the midst of all the greenery.

More than a tourist spot, the botanical gardens have served as an educational facility. Notable botanists have carried out numerous researches at the garden. Moreover, one of the playgrounds available for children includes interactive games to enhance their knowledge about plants and trees. What’s better than entertainment and education at the same place?

Visit the Botanical Gardens, and we are certain that  you are going to leave the place with your hearts lighter and eyes brighter. Looking to hire a mini bus to take you there? Contact AJ Executive Travel, and we will arrange the vehicle of your choice for your next trip!



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