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Spring is such time that one regrets missing without traveling. Therefore, today we would like to give our dear readers information about another outstanding attraction situated in Cheshire, England.

It is one of the UK’s largest zoos with the name of Chester Zoo and the area of 125 acres (51 ha). According to the latest estimates, Chester Zoo is mostly visited wildlife attraction in Britain. In 2007 Forbes described it as one of the best fifteen zoos in the world. Visiting there, you will definitely realize that these appraisals aren’t just given away. Here you find more than 700 species out of which about 150 are threatened as well as 265 threatened plant species. It boasts several animal exhibits such as Magnificent Macaws, Aquarium, Asian Plains and paddocks, Forest Zone and some others. To reach these highlights, you can use Zoo monorails in its vicinity which runs on an elevated guide way to show zoo visitors park grounds. Besides, catering facilities are also very well-developed with bars, restaurants and kitchens serving guests. It also provides playgrounds for children, shops, kiosks and several picnic lawns, all of which make Chester Zoo a notable spot for family trips.images 9 Closer to nature

(Monorail at Chester Zoo)

Curious enough for a visit? Then let us know and offer our services to take you there. Simply contact us by phone at 0121 3 666 777 or e-mail at info@aj-travel.co.uk and we will help you have a good travel time.

For more information about Chester Zoo, you can visit the official site: www.chesterzoo.org .

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