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  1. Hello,

    We’re interested in advertising on blogs, like ‘AJ Travel’.

    Are you able to let me know the different advertising options you offer? We’re specifically interested in guest posts.

    Thanks for your time.


  2. Hello there,

    Hope you are well.

    A Great read! I noticed you are using us as the source, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind changing this to our new website news section and linking it up.
    New Website:

    We are happy for you to reference our articles as much as you wish from our news section. We have some good new infographics, feel free to use as much as you want!
    Just grab the link from the article page as your reference.


    • Thank you Fred, yes we found it a great read too and we love your information and infographics, that’s why we like to share it ;) We will update the links now, thank you for bringing it to our attention. Keep up the great work and thank you again!

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