Special Occasion? Hire Our Minibus!

A friend of mine was telling me the other day that her sister recently delivered a healthy baby boy, but unfortunately she still hadn’t seen her yet, when I asked why, she said that it was hard for her and her family to find a suitable time that they had enough cars to all get there as they all wanted to go together, she explained that since her sister married and left Birmingham to live in London she hadn’t been able to see her much or as often.

I suggested that they all chip in and hire a mini bus that can be made available either with or without a driver, it would save them all much time, money as well as effort, and they wouldn’t need to delay their visit to see the new adorable family arrival any more! Well, she did just that and rang me up during her visit saying that she can’t think of why it didn’t occur to her to do it sooner, it sounded like they were having a nice time and she even sent me some pics of the new arrival!

Don’t waste time stressing or losing out on precious memories that could have happened smoother or sooner, give us at AJ Travel a call on 0121 3666777 and let us know how we can take on your travel burdens and make life easier for you. Here is a gallery of some of our 16 seater minibuses that you can choose from icon wink Special Occasion? Hire Our Minibus!

Sherzod Karimov

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