Hang Out With Mates for UEFA Euro 2016

It is going down in England! For people who were born in the 1980’s they know that means there is a lot happening and it is happening in a major way. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) European Championship 2016 football tournament is happening right now throughout France. They are the host country this year, and people from all over Europe are excited about their country bringing the championship home. Few compare to the pride and excitement of England.

There is a big match coming up for Great Britain; England versus Wales. This is a match nobody will want to miss whether from England or Wales. This is a big game, and none more enjoyable than watching it with mates. Maybe you can invite mates from London to join in the country spirit.

You all could get a minibus to travel together and enjoy all the pregame comradely that comes with cheering for the same team. If you get a ride together to the local pub and watch the most intense match for England thus far in this tournament, you can enjoy all of the beverages you like during the match and after they win or lose.

This is a great time to hang with friends and enjoy different matches. Add a minibus to the fun and show your mates how to really root for English football!


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