Happy New Year!

Can you believe that 2019 is already coming to a close? Where did the time go? Every year it seems like you blink and before you know it the year is over. You think about all the plans you made going into the new year and measure your level of success by whether or not you were actually able to accomplish them. For some of us, yes, we were able to accomplish quite a bit. For others, it  can feel like we fell a little short. Either way it is OK.

This is because we have multiple opportunities to try again until we get it right. Though you don’t necessarily need a new year to make a change, there is something about a new year that screams fresh start. It is a chance to redefine who you are while continuing to chase your dreams. You have 365 whole days to be the best version of yourself that you possibly can be. The possibilities are endless!

To all our readers, customers, staff and other supporters,  Aj-travel thanks you so much for being part our journey throughout 2018. Our best hope is that each day, though it may be good, bad or indifferent, will make us stronger and more resilient – and above all, more tolerant, caring and grateful for what we do have. Happy New Year to you, your family and your loved ones. May you enjoy many, many more.


Sherzod Karimov

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