Hire A Minibus Or Coach For A Trip To Warwick Castle!

Warwick Castle, as its name suggests is a castle situated in the town of Warwick, on a sandstone bluff at a bend of the River Avon. Has been a magnificent historic monument of great Britain for almost a thousand years! A breathtaking sight, aged and worn, eroded by the river that runs beneath it, standing tall and proud on a cliff-like rock. Who wouldn’t want to visit such an amazing sight?

warwick01BOV Hire A Minibus Or Coach For A Trip To Warwick Castle!

A brilliantly educational place to revisit the past, and learn of the castles heritage and importance, especially to us in the Midlands. Having a strategic position of vital importance for the safeguarding of the midlands against rebellion back in! People have been visiting the castle since the end of the 17th century and its importance only grew since. Though once closed it grandly re-opened in the 1900 and again stood tall in its splendor being a grand attraction, with a collection of armoury second only to that of the Tower of London! It was said about the castle that:

“These walls have seen something of the splendor of every generation of our story” … “rich in treasure beyond the dreams of avarice” … “their rooms open to all who will”

-Arthur Mee

Having been opened as a tourist attraction, and had extensive restorations performed to its ground, Warwick Castle was named on of Britain’s ‘Top 10 historic houses and monuments’ by the British Tourist Authority and recognised as Britain’s best castle by the Good Britain Guide in 2003.

The castle has been protected against any changes in recognition of its national importance, and made so easy to visit and admire. So what are you waiting for? If you’re interested in visiting this grand archaeological site, book a ticket now and hire one of our minibusses or coaches to take you there! With exclusive events, activities, shows and attractions, everyone is sure to have an amazing, historical experience. Highly recommended for schools, large groups of friends and a must-see tourist attraction!

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We’ll see you soon!

Image Source: http://www.timetravel-britain.com/articles/castles/warwick.shtml


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