Hire A Vintage Rolls Royce for Your Wedding

What better day to enjoy luxury travel than your D-Day? Forget Limos and sports cars; arrive in a vintage Rolls Royce and make a classy entrance.

Your wedding car, like your wedding dress, is going to stay in memories for a long, long time. It is that time to make an impression, and hence, choosing the right ride is a critical step in planning your wedding.  While Limos and luxury sedans are normal, it doesn’t make you stand out. What does is a vintage Rolls Royce with an antique feel. More importantly, your car is going to feature in your pics, so choose wisely. A hint: Vintage cars are perfect picture backgrounds.

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Before hiring the car of your choice, make sure you have the necessary documents prepared and ready. You don’t want to find you are missing your voucher or registration ticket on your wedding day. Booking your car just a month or two before is not recommended; in fact it is always wiser to book a year in advance. Review your car of choice thoroughly, from color to condition, so that you don’t have second thoughts later. Moreover, ensure that you are the only ones who have booked the car.

AJ Executive Travel has a fleet of vintage vehicles for you to choose from, complete with chauffeur service. We are a reliable car hire company, and we recognize the importance of this day in your life. Trust us to make your day extra special with our first-rate services. Book your wedding wagon now!


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