Hire Our Mini Bus for Your Family Reunion

In the UK family reunions are a big deal, and the primarily happen during the summer time. This is because the kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and more people generally take a summer holiday. Many people travel overseas, take cruises, or descend on a town or city of a loved one. Whatever your family reunion needs AJ Travel is ready to help.

If you have family members coming in town for your family reunion, maybe flights can be coordinated so that people arrive around the same time. When the family members get there, they can hop on the already waiting mini bus and head to the hotel they are staying at, or to your home. This is especially beneficial if people arrive in the evening or at night time so they don’t have to attempt to navigate an unfamiliar area.

It is a great idea to hire a mini bus for a family reunion if you are traveling to the port to do a little yachting, or going on a cruise together. Why not enjoy the reunion from the very beginning? Everybody can load up in the minibus and go to the port.

There is no specific event the mini buses can’t be used for. Enjoy being with your family this summer while you spend time together.


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