Hire our minibuses for your group touring!

Need a drive for your group travel around the UK? Then we are happy to offer you our minibuses. Our Mini buses are all in the perfect sizes for smaller tourist groups that travel as a group of friends, or even a group of family members, wishing to explore and enjoy life’s beauties together.

Your comfort and safety during your travel is our promise. As we are well acquainted with the most outstanding UK sightseeing and have already gained experience in arranging trips for our customers, we can give you unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Therefore, touring UK’s top attractions with AJ Travel in a smaller group of people you already know and get on with works out to be much more fun and enjoyable.

Besides, booking a personal and more luxurious private group ride you would expect to be charged more, while we offer you suitable prices that give you more for less!

So, if you are planning a group-visit with your family or friends, don’t over think and just contact us. Please visit our website at: http://aj-travel.co.uk/

Sherzod Karimov


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