Holiday Ideas For The Festive Month Of December- Bournemouth

Bournemouth, Dorset, the famous sea side town situated on the southern coast of England.… Just the name gives a pleasant thought of Old England & revives images of Victorian greenery and delightful adventures through your thoughts, when one thinks of seaside towns we often picture families having ice cream on sandy beaches, amusement centers and fish & chips. In summer there is no doubts in why a small seaside town would attract people from all backgrounds and all walks of life to enjoy the long sunny days and entertainment-packed nights.

But as lovely as Bournemouth is in summer, it is surprisingly the winter that brings out its very best of it’s wonderland. The wall to wall packed meters of beach space we usually see in the summer are no more, instead you see miles and miles of wide open shore calling to anyone with a yearning to walk, or run, and a thought to quietly ponder life’s wonders and the beauty of nature. The famous hillsides and beaches are thankfully still open during this time of year for peaceful walks, this is proved breath taking during those rare winter mornings when the sun decides to peak its head out for a few moments.

winterbeach Holiday Ideas For The Festive Month Of December  Bournemouth

Believe it or not, those cold, frosty mornings are perfect for strolling Bournemouth’s coast line and Central Gardens. The Central Gardens give the eye a comforting wander as your feet take comfortably to the groomed paths and tiny bridges. Willows and chestnut trees share space with man-made structures built to please, some from the days when Queen Victoria ruled the Empire, and scampering squirrels keep you company, and amused.

The cliffs above the coast although windswept and blustery, give dramatic views out onto the sea, easily setting you off in a journey of your own. Locals will tell you countless tales of lost love, for example, like tragic women waiting for their men to return from sea icon wink Holiday Ideas For The Festive Month Of December  Bournemouth Whatever you wish to think or dream about it’s the perfect place for peaceful contemplation.

The beautiful city of Bournemouth is only a few hours away from Central London and maybe slightly more than away from Birmingham, yet the Dorset countryside feels a million miles away from the traffic and constant rushing of life in the big cities. So although we find Bournemouth is more commonly praised as a summer getaway, never the less, the area comes alive in a whole new way during winter as well, especially when you see the city and surrounding villages draped with twinkle lights that brighten the whole mood and atmosphere. And in addition to this, the famous Bournemouth Square Winter Market is the perfect place to go for trinkets and good food.

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