Holiday Ideas For The Festive Month Of December!

Yes ladies and gentlemen! This year has flown by and once again we find ourselves in the festive month of December, where frankly it matters not whether you celebrate Christmas and New Years, or not. A perfect excuse to cosy up at home with family and loved ones, have friends over or… Go out and enjoy yourself!

Living within the bounds of Europe it’s apparent that in this festive season there are numerous attractions and holiday opportunities. Whether you get a stay off work or not, there’s always something, or somewhere you can go, even right here in our own little Britain! So this month we decided to give you guys a series of great holiday hotspots this Christmas, Starting with the lovely York!

yorkshire Holiday Ideas For The Festive Month Of December!

With a beautiful blend of nature’s natural elegance, along with both historical and city attractions, there is no better time to set off in appreciating Yorkshire than the festive season! A fabulous place to go with both family and friends, with museums, parks, markets and the huge Christmas tree in St. Helen’s Square!

In addition to all this there are even speciality sites such as the Jorvik Vikings centre, that create a wonderful city atmosphere our in the bountiful countryside! Yorkshire Dales stand proud and striking in their snow-crowned winter apparel, allowing you and your loved ones a chance to sit back and gaze in awe at just a few of the most scenic sights that the north has to offer.

So what do you say? Give us a call and let us take you there! Or perhaps, just rent a minibus or minivan and take yourself there! Don’t miss out this December, and don’t forget to tell us how you decided to spend your holidays this year!

Still confused? Look forward to our next post!


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