Some tricks for motion sickness

Some people can enjoy a breathtaking view of the hillside while travelling, but for others, it is a terrible disaster! People with motion sickness know exactly how horrible it feels. No matter how often they travel, they always end up being a killjoy at all trips. How to avoid getting sick while travelling? Although there is no sure cure, here are a few tips and tricks to help you have an event-free journey.

ghgh776 Some tricks for motion sickness

• Avoid staring down at your mobile phones, books, or kindle. Not only are you saving yourself from sickness, but you are also doing your eyes a favour.
• Stay active. Talk to your travel mates, or even offer to drive, as it will keep you and your stomach occupied.
• Chew on ginger or some mint gum. I’d say go for ginger!
• Stare ahead, and learn the routes as an exercise.
• Be prepared. Keep plastic bags and towels in your bag just in case.

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