How to deal with culture shock

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Continuing talking about cultural differences, today we would to stop by one thing that most of us have already been through: culture shock. Quite familiar it sounds, doesn’t it? If you also have ever suffer from culture shock one way or another, then this article will help you avoid it the next time.

Culture shock is almost certain to happen once you leave the community you have adapted to live in or travel to absolutely new environment. We can define it as feeling physical or mental discomfort and disorientation because of the cultural differences one encounters in the new place. The question many of us have, though, is how to overcome it. Let’s reconsider some very familiar and simple steps below:

First thing is first: learn about the country you are going before you go there. Its geographical location, history, traditions – all of which contribute to place’s culture. The more you learn, the more you should be ready to experience those differences yourself and this can mitigate bad things likely to happen because of misunderstanding. Learning the local language can also be useful, as it increases your passion and interest in that country. Also, always keep an open mind. Remember, different doesn’t mean wrong, it just a little differs from the way it used to be in your country. Accept it, knowing that resistance can do no good at all.

Most importantly, be a common member of the society: get to know local people, make friends, know your works and do them, have fun and enjoy! Your life is still amazing just a little different. Keep that in mind and have a nice travel!




Sherzod Karimov

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