Is travelling in group better?

Travelling is always a much more enjoyable affair when you have company. When that is a group of 20 or more people, you will barely know how you reached your destination. That is why those long trips to your cousin’s wedding, or the company family day at the countryside still stand out in your minds. Because with more people, the atmosphere is always lively and fun-filled.

IMG 4309 Is travelling in group better?

Sometimes the idea of arriving somewhere in a large group can be daunting. But it actually saves you a lot of planning time and effort, as well as the stress of driving alone. You are creating experiences with people, family or not, and you start understanding them better, and building relationships. Someone always brings extra food, so that’s a big plus! While travelling alone can bring a feeling of being lost or helpless, it is something that doesn’t happen while travelling in a group.

Arriving separately at your destination in personal cars may be favored by some. But going to an event in group helps in establishing the bonding beforehand so that at the event you already are comfortable with each other. It lifts the overall atmosphere and makes your experience more enjoyable.

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