Make Your Hotel Room More Comfortable

I’m sure we have all experienced at least one uncomfortable night in a hotel where it could have gone a bit more smoother. We at A J Travel have often driven our clients straight to a hotel from picking them up from the airport, so when we come across these useful tips we thought it was best to share.

Here are a few videos that can prove to be rather useful at times like this. Learn the little things you can do, like clipping the curtains shut if it’s too bright or replacing a pillow if its too thick, that can make your stay away from home all the more pleasant icon wink Make Your Hotel Room More Comfortable

And if that’s not enough, here’s another tip or two you can use to make sure you don’t take back home any bedbugs! Yes bedbugs,  bedbugs can be very easy to take back home from an infested hotel room and a big nightmare to get rid of once they’ve nested in your home. So this video is well worth watching if your accustomed to travel a lot!

Bet you learned a thing or two huh? Now your fixed in knowing how to set up your hotel room during your next stay. Take care and let us know your thoughts and comments icon wink Make Your Hotel Room More Comfortable

Featured Image Source: texasstation.sclv.com


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