Money-saving trip around London


Do you want to travel around London but feel disappointed because of insufficient money?

No worries! Why not letting us take you to some of the places requiring no money ! There are some places you can pay a visit for free, ranging from different museums to some breathtaking Art galleries and gardens. Here are some of them:

  1. British Museum

It is one of the most outstanding museums of London and the entire world, the second in terms of the visit numbers. This museum was established in 1753 and has been free for all visitors so far. Exhibits there include quite a large variety of things from historical artifacts from colonization period of British Empire to pictures, books , coins and medals.

hdh Money saving trip around London

  1. Design Museum

The Design Museum was established in 1989 and is situated in Kensington . This museum performs, as its name suggests, designs for products, fashion, cars, architecture and so on. The money it collects through ticket sales is allocated for Charity works and free entrance is available for “Designer Marker User” display.

design m Money saving trip around London


  1. Amazing Gardens.

Tired of hustle and bustle of city?

Then some green spaces of London are the places for you to enjoy and relax for free! Japanese Roof Garden, Phoenix Garden, Postman’s Park, Red Cross Garden all welcome your visit.

japan Money saving trip around London

So, let us make your journey unforgettable! Use one of our services and we can promise you to have lifelong memories!












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