Must-know things for travellers to London

Every place has its own set of unwritten rules, be they social or behavioral, of which each visitor should be aware, and London is not an exception. Therefore, if you wish to have a nice travel free from any cultural misunderstandings, we would strongly recommend to learn about those rules before settling off.

Below  are just some of the things that are not suggested doing if you want to travel to London.
First of all, never start your travel without a plan. Once you are on the way to London, have a fixed plan of each day. There are a lot to see and do in London, so, without it you may be confused or miss important trips which can be very regretful.
Secondly, never forget your manners. Any sign of it, be they simply skipping the line in queue or raising your voice while talking can cause for you to leave a bad impression on locals, as British people are very polite. Besides, British etiquette calls for punctuality, thus, avoid being late.
Never complain about anything. It rains a lot in London, so complaining about it, which many of the tourists do, seems rather odd and useless. Equally, do not discuss or disapprove of their political system, and don’t say a word against local people or places, which are ethically questionable!
Last but not least, try not to disturb others while you are on the way and follow both written and unwritten road rules. For instance, if you are deciding on your next destination looking at your paper or phone map, don’t do it in the middle of the sidewalk. Go somewhere else where you don’t disturb anyone . Also, before crossing the road, never forget to look at both left and right if you don’t want to harm either yourself or people around you.

Sherzod Karimov

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