Never Under Estimate The Importance Of Wearing A Seatbelt

 Hi there Readers,

Today’s post is a most needed reminder for all of us. The importance of wearing a seat belt and making sure all passengers are also wearing a seat belt too.

We often forget the horrific facts, safety points and consequences involved when not wearing a seat belt. Listed below are only a few examples:

  • In a crash you’re twice as likely to die if you are not wearing a seat belt
  • Drivers and passengers aged 17-34 have the lowest seat belt-wearing rates combined with the highest accident rate
  • There is evidence that people are less likely to use seat belts on short or familiar journeys – this puts them at serious risk of injury in a crash.
  • Drivers and passengers who fail to wear seat belts in both the front and back of vehicles are breaking the law
  • Drivers caught without a seat belt face on-the-spot fines of £100. If prosecuted, the maximum fine is £500
  • Not wearing a seatbelt can be a fatal decision even on short, familiar journeys and at low speeds.
  • It is important to make sure you and your passengers are wearing your seat belts correctly so that it offers you the best possible protection in or during a crash.

 Here is a quick video compilation of seat belt ads that will certainly refresh and engrave itself in your memory for better future safety awareness:

We do hope you found this post useful, please do feel free to share any experiences you have had with seat belt safety or any additional advice or facts we missed. Your comments are highly appreciated icon wink Never Under Estimate The Importance Of Wearing A Seatbelt


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