Plan Your Next Picnic to Lickey Hills, Rednal

When I stumbled across a photograph of Lickey Hills, I was amazed at how picturesque it looked- like it came straight out of those 2000s’ Windows desktop backgrounds. I can already imagine a memorable retreat in the midst of those woods; who wouldn’t? So this week, we take you to Lickey Hills Country Park, one of the most attractive destinations in Birmingham, and a favorite picnic spot.

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Source: Birminghammail.co.uk

Lickey Hills, located near the village of Lickey in Birmingham, is one of the oldest parks in the UK. It is a recreational spot that takes you back to 19th century England with its undisturbed expanse of nature. The park is built on the Rednal Hills, which is one of the hills forming the Lickey Hills. The beauty and serenity of the land in this region has attracted a rich history. Early 20th century social activists contributed to the development of the park and preservation of its natural bounty, which is retained even today. For the geologist, the area offers a variety of rare rocks representing various ages. As for the botany enthusiast, there is no shortage of flora and fauna in the region, which obviously attracts harmless wildlife as well. What I found most interesting about the Hills is that it is said to have motivated J.R.R. Tolkien, who stayed there for a while, to create the Shire, the home of Hobbits.

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