Top 5 Road Travel Essentials

Most often, the quality of our trips depend on how well we pack. Forgetting essential items is something we all dread, as it is a sure mood-spoiler. Hence, keeping a travel bag with necessary items always at the ready is highly recommended if you love going on trips. Here are five things that we think are absolutely essential on any road trip, and can go in your travel bag.

 Top 5 Road Travel Essentials

#1 Bags of All Kinds

Backpacks, plastic bags, and pouches are always in demand while on the road, or while travelling anywhere, as a matter of fact. It makes it so much easier to store things and carry them around. Though you may be carrying a back pack or travel bag anyway, an extra bag or two won’t hurt, as you never know when you may need additional storage space.

Tip: Don’t carry multiple bags of the same size. Plastic bags are for waste disposal, and something you should never forget while packing. We recommend bio-degradable plastic trash bags by Reuseit that can serve your purpose AND leave a smaller footprint on nature. 

#2 Tissue Papers

Unless you are in the habit of keeping a box of tissues in your car or hand bags at all times, this is something you are bound to forget, and then remember halfway through the trip.

#3 Snacks

We don’t necessarily have to remind you to pack food, as it something people normally don’t forget. Packed flavored popcorns (we know you are thinking caramel), dry fruits, and nuts are great food items that you can munch on while travelling. And chocolate; never ever forget chocolate.

#4 Sneakers and Flip Flops

An extra pair or two of shoes are always going to be handy, even if you don’t lose your first pair. You may need a new pair for trekking, or sandals for the beach. After all, who doesn’t hate wearing the wrong pair of shoes to the wrong place? We suggest a pair of sneakers and easy-to-wear footwear like flip flops.

#5 Camera

Your smartphone or Iphone camera may do the job just as well, but a road trip isn’t complete without an actual digital or professional camera. It captures the essence of your adventures much better than a phone camera, and you don’t need to constantly worry about dying batteries when making calls. Moreover, your pictures are going to turn out ten times better.

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