Say NO to Use of Mobile Phones while Driving

The law becomes tighter around users of mobile phones in cars. What does the new law imply? Read on to learn more.

It has become impossible to stay long without taking a glance at your smartphone, even while driving. That moment of distraction is enough to cause an accident, however, as in the case of most road accidents around the globe today. Not only are you in danger, but you are also putting your near and dear ones in harm’s way, along with others on the road. With the statistics getting increasingly scary, strict regulations are being placed worldwide on mobile phone usage while driving.

New rules prevent you from looking at your phones even while you are stationary on the road, probably stuck at a traffic signal. In short, you can’t use your mobile phones from the moment your car starts. From texting, use of phones during driving has shifted to navigation, which still doesn’t excuse the use of phones while driving. A solution to this is hands-free carriers that are fitted somewhere in the AC vents of your car. While you are not supposed to take your eyes off the road, even to look at the route on the screen, you can follow the directions delivered in audio format instead.

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All this may sound a hassle, but don’t you think human life is worth it? You can always use a chauffeured car service if you want to avoid driving on your next trip. Contact us today at AJ Excecutive Travel, and let us take care of your journey.



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