School Runs Made Easy

Traveling by minibus is growing in popularity by the day. People are renting mini buses for all sorts of events, and group travel. Getting a minibus that can hold you and your closet 15 to 20 friends or coworkers, could end up a great experience. However another place you can see the utilization of minibuses is with schools.

AJ Executive Travel 165 1024x682 School Runs Made Easy

Schools and nurseries are two groups who have decided to join in on the minibus form of travel. Many educational institutions and childcare facilities are opting for minibuses to transport the children from home to school to the nurseries. These minibuses are equipped with seat belts, larger seats, and additional safety features. These also have large storage space for book bags and other possible equipment, and electronic ports for mobile device usage. After-school programs, religious schools, and different scholastic corporations have all found using this type of bus safer and overall better for the children it carries.

These minibuses are great for adults, but can even be used when it comes to the children. So why note pick up the phone and call AJ Travel to arrange the school transportation for you? Call us now on 0212 3 666 777 to get the best quote!



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