Service Even in an Emergency

When you have to get you and your family to airport in a hurry, or something happens to your scheduled transportation, and you need to get several people to a single location, there is no longer anything to worry about. Our mini buses are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays and weekends. You don’t have to be stranded anywhere, any longer.

Sometimes plans get messed up, accidents happen, plans are scheduled incorrectly, vehicles break down, and the list can go on and on when talking about things that can possibly happen when you have hired a company to come pick you up for any occasion. Sometimes things are just simply out of our control, or out of the control of a company you hired. Truly, sometimes it is not anybody’s fault. When these things happen, it doesn’t do any good to get upset, curse people, throw things and scream. It may make you feel good but it does not change the situation. This is the time to call you call your emergency minibus company – AJ Travel and let us come pick you up with quick service.

The next time something happens to your scheduled transportation, don’t worry. Just call the AJ Travel – the mini bus company in Birmingham!


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