Some Interesting Facts About London

London.. One of the world’s most visited cities and most dreamed about for those that can’t. 

London has something for everyone, from history to culture, art, grand museums, dazzling architecture and so much more. It’s known to be the heart of England, home to Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben. Only 2 hours drive away from Birmingham depending on the time you choose to go and traffic, we at A J Travel are often asked to do group day trips to the popular capital city of England. And while we brummies think we know quite a lot about the fascinating city, there is still much we can learn. Here is an interesting info graphic highlighting some intriguing facts:


london infographic 620x6118 Some Interesting Facts About London


We hope you enjoyed the info-graphic and hope that if you should want to go on a group trip to London with friends or family, we are the company you call. You can call us on: 0121 3666777 or visit our website at: http://aj-travel.co.uk/



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