Spend a Day Close to Nature at Sutton Park

Introducing a new travel series on our blog, once a week we bring you the natural wonders that adorn West Midlands and Birmingham. Discover Sutton Park Natural Nature Reserve in this post!

No matter how attractive city life is, nature is always the perfect getaway. Every once in a while we yearn to leave the hustle and bustle of the busy city life behind to enjoy the soothing bounty of nature. What better place to stay close to nature than Sutton Park? If you live around or have been to West Midlands or Birmingham, you may be familiar with the large expanse of natural reserves at Sutton Park. Read on to know more about what a day at Sutton Park looks like!

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Located in Sutton Coldfield, this park is known for being the seventh largest natural reserve in the whole of Europe. Inside the park is a world of its own; lakes, pools, golf courses, playgrounds, animal sanctuaries, wetlands, marshes, railways.. You name it, it’s all there at Sutton park. Wikipedia says that a part of the park is in fact classified as an ancient monument. The icing on the cake is that you are not charged a dime for entering and using the park.

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Source: TripAdvisor

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