The Best Clothes to Wear While Travelling

There is no single solution to the perfect travelling attire. The purpose of our travel is often varied, and what we wear should reflect that. But there are a few rules that can be applied to all clothes, which may help us have a more comfortable journey.

IMG 4310 300x199 The Best Clothes to Wear While Travelling

Even if you are travelling by flight, in a luxury car, or a mini bus, choose your clothes wisely, so that your mood does not get spoilt due to discomfort. Light weight breathable fabric and loose fitting clothes are the best way to dress while travelling, even if you are on a business trip, sight seeing tour, or a small family picnic. Stretchy waist-bands are a must-have! Also, pack clothes with versatile colors that can match to make multiple outfits.

Footwear is another area that should be given due thought. Especially for women, wearing heels can give you sore feet for a long time. It would always be wiser to choose comfortable shoes that are also easy to wear. If you need to look dressy where you arrive, at a party perhaps, simply pack a pair of heels and wear it when you need it.

As for kids, try to dress them in one-piece outfits that are easy to change or remove. Also, pack as many clothes for them as possible! Avoid clothes with embellishments that can prick and itch and cause tantrums!

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