The importance of seatbelts

In almost all parts of the world wearing seat belts has already been one of the legislations required while driving; whether you are a passenger or a driver. However, we quite often come across to those who are a little bit indifferent about seat belts. Just in case there are some among our dear readers, today we decided to share with you some reasons why we should wear them in order to demonstrate their importance.

Most obviously, using a seat belt can save millions of lives, which is the most important reason to always have the safety belt buckled around you. Some refuse it saying that it’s not cool to wear but if it’s going to keep you from flying through the wind shield then why not wearing? We need seat belts to stop deaths from occurring in a car crash or also to stop us when we come to a quick stop. If we don’t wear a seat belt it can cause many things, in the most extreme cases, death. Let us bring you some facts to make it clearer:

-          Seat belts have saved more than 75,000 lives between the years of 2004 and 2008.

-          Adults between the ages of 18-34 are less likely to wear a seat belt.

-          No matter what age, anyone should wear a seat belt.

-          In 2011, 58% of teens died in a car crash from not wearing a seat belt.

-          Seat belts have saved more than 250,000 lives since 1975 in the U.S alone.

We want you to be safe all the time. There fore, we highly recommend using seat belts, no matter you are traveling with your own car or in the backseat, to prevent any kind of accidents.

The source: https://rachelpetrucciano3100.weebly.com

Sherzod Karimov

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