The Oxford & Cambridge 161st Boat Race

Good day to you all! And what a lovely day it is, especially for our lovers of sport and freebies! Tomorrow as most may already be aware will hold the event of the 161st Boat Race, that can be viewed for free from numerous locations around the River Thames between Mortlake and Putney!

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There will be two races held, one at 4:50PM and another a little late at 5:50PM. For a little more information on what the Boat Race is about, where it began and how long its been about, take a look at the article below!

So what are we waiting for? Let us take you there!

Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race (161st)

River Thames between Mortlake and Putney

When: Sat 11th Apr 2015
Where: River Thames between Mortlake and Putney SW6 3UH
Times: Races at 4:50pm and 5:50pm
Admission: Free to spectate

The world famous sporting event between Oxford and Cambridge was first held in 1829. The 4¼ mile Thames course from Putney to Mortlake is over three times as long as the Olympic course.
Sporting history will be made on Saturday April 11th 2015 when The BNY Mellon Boat Race is joined on the Tideway for the first time by The Newton Women’s Boat Race. First raced in 1829 and 1927 respectively, The BNY Mellon Boat Races are amongst the oldest sporting events in the world.

Watched by thousands along the banks of the Tideway, between Putney and Mortlake in London, and by millions more on TV around the world, The BNY Mellon Boat Races are a unique sporting event. With four very strong squads of athletes, expect to see great Races this year.

Enjoy the festival atmosphere of the Boat Race by watching for free from one of the many vantage points along the course. You should be able to find a place to watch on either side of the river along the full length of the course, but particular areas to note are: Putney Bridge, Putney Embankment and Bishops Park (at the start); Hammersmith and Barnes (mid-course); Dukes Meadows and Chiswick Bridge (at the finish).

There are large screens at Bishops Park, Fulham and Furnival Gardens, Hammersmith which mean you will be able to watch the whole Race before and after the crews have passed. The parks will also feature food outlets, beer stands and merchandising stalls.

Source: www.allinlondon.co.uk

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