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Are you in London and looking for a good destination for your travel? If so, we are here to help. Today we would like to give you information on some of the events taking place in London these days.

If you are a fan of movies, then the first you should know is the “Camberwell Free Film Festival” taking place in different venues around London. This festival is organized for the mainstream and welcome everyone to watch some of the amazing movies including “Bunch Of Kunst, “Loving Vincent”, “The Woman in Black”, “The Florida Project” and the documentary “Paris is Burning”. Showings of films are not held at the cinema, but in pubs and shops instead, from 15th of March, Thursday until 24th  of March, Saturday. As mentioned earlier, this is free film festival, therefore, you can entertain yourself and at the same time keep your money with you for the rest of your travel!

You can also enjoy tasting traditional meals from Turkey at “Istanbul Urban Feast”. As you probably know, Istanbul’s cuisine has the history of about two millennia and includes widely differing dishes from different neighborhoods. Today’s Turkish meals have reputation for their variety and rich ingredients they have. Meals on offered menu on the festival day also consist of fresh products and are prepared by skillful cooks. “Istanbul Urban Feast” is planned to take place on Friday, 16th of March. The venue is E5 Bakehouse.

If you are interested in Irish culture, then St Patrick’s Day Parade and festival is a great chance for you to experience it. Saint Patrick’s Day is traditional religious celebration which is held every year on 17th of March – the death day of ST Patrick.  The Irish celebrate this day with special spirit, as they accept it as the birth day of their heritage and culture. This year three-days parade and festival devoted to this day is planned to be held from 16th of March, Friday to 18th of March, Sunday in London, at Trafalgar Square.

All we want is for you to have a good time while you are travelling. So,enjoy your time!

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