Travelling with Kids the Right Way

While travelling requires a lot of planning, travelling with kids is another story altogether. We are talking about infants here, as it can be absolutely challenging to plan and execute a perfect trip when you have infants with you. It is not an impossible task, and you don’t have to put off your travel plans either, as a few tips can get you to your destination and back without major issues. How do you pack your kids’ food for the road?

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You can never predict a kid’s appetite. When, what, and how do they want to eat? Parents know their kids best, and yet, this question can be very difficult to answer. A trick is to go bite-size on everything. It looks attractive to your child, and makes it easier for them to eat. For the infant still on a liquid-based diet, carry as many packets of long-life milk as possible, in addition to fresh milk or fresh milk-based food. Store the liquids in clean insulating bottles, and do not keep the fresh milk for too long. It is always advised to constantly make your child take sips of water to prevent dehydration. When we say sips, it means in small quantities, if you want to avoid frequent stops on the way!

Insulating bags and lunch boxes are definitely a lifesaver. They help you preserve the freshness of the food for as long as possible. Pack these in plenty; they will come in handy more than once on your trip. A thing most people forget is trash bags, so pack them in advance.

That’s quite a lot of packing! Don’t worry, our luxury minibuses at AJ Travel has plenty of space to accommodate all the bags and your family. Give us a call or drop us a line for all questions and bookings. Visit our website for information.


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