Enjoy A Summer of Sports Events With Our Mini Busses

There are a ton of exciting sporting events happening in the Birmingham, London, and Wales area. From a major tennis tournament, to racing throughout the country, to many other great local sporting events, the attending the tournament or game is going to be great fun; especially when done with friends. But if you cannot make it to the actual events, watching them and other sporting events around the world at your local pub or sports bar could be just the fun and entertainment you were looking for. Take that event with your friends and add in a mini bus. You have really signed yourself of for a good time.

The luxurious mini buses can accommodate several or a few friends. Enjoy your trip to your favorite bar or wherever you like to watch the football game and don’t worry about having too much fun or having too many drinks. The mini bus will be able to take you and your friend’s home safely. Even if you are going from London to Manchester or a similar distance, you will be able to have a comfortable enjoyable ride home.

No matter how you are taking in your sports do it with friends and let the AJ Travel, The mini bus of champions,  drive you around!



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