Vehicle Rental Pre-requisites

Going on long trips in our own cars may not always be the best idea. The possibility of wear and tear often makes us think twice about the trip. Don’t miss out on opportunities just because you are worried about your car. Services like ours take the burden off your vehicles and allow you to spend your trip in quality luxury automobiles. It’s a win-win, in fact.

AJ Executive Travel 196 1024x682 Vehicle Rental Pre requisites

Now that you have decided to hire a car, what all do you need to bring to complete the procedures? Follow our checklist (below) for a smooth hiring experience.

  • Your Driver’s Licence: We are sure you have figured it out already, but we feel a reminder is necessary. If you are over 21 years of age and have a valid licence that’s at least a year old, then you are eligible to rent a car from AJ Executive Travel.
  • Credit card: Because it’s a guarantee from you in the event of damages while returning the car. Contact us to discuss alternative source of payment.
  • ID Proof: We accept any valid form of ID like passport or other documents.
  • Insurance policy: Before you rent the car, we need copies of your insurance coverage, or you may apply for full coverage with us.

Hiring a car may seem daunting. But with AJ Travel, you can expect a hassle-free registration and booking process.  We make sure our clients are guided throughout the hiring process to make the best choice.


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