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Today we would like to share on of the must-see place of Great Britain. It seems to be surprising for you  because you have travelled many parts of the country, haven’t you? Well, today’s hot spot is Westonbirt.

Westonbirt is an absolute “must-see” for anyone with any interest in gardening, or even in an enjoyable stroll through lovely countryside! The arboretum is divided into two sections, the oldest plantation, closest to the parking lot and visitor centre, and a newer plantation, containing several national collections of trees (oak and Japanese maple among them).

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Westonbirt, apart from the wide variety of trees and plants on view, is the way that public access is arranged. You can choose to travel by way of the gravelled footpaths, which meander slowly throughout the arboretum, or strike off on wide, grassed avenues that cut directly across the plantations.

The oldest plantation is more level, while the newer plantation does call for a little more strenuous use of leg muscles to follow the ups and downs of the landscape!


Perhaps the most famous corner of Westonbirt is Acer Glade, where the autumn colours can be truly spectacular. Best seen in mid-October for bright colours, Acer Glade is enjoyable year round.

The arboretum is well provided with benches, so you can relax and soak in the lovely surroundings. There are also cafes and an interpretive centre where various visitor programs are run throughout the year.



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