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Almost every day, at some point of our life something unexpected occurs. While some of them are good, most others happen to be frustration for us. They do nothing but thwart our plans and cause inconveniences. However, here we are, AJ Travels, to minimize such accidents as much as possible!

Sometimes plans are scheduled incorrectly, vehicles break down, weather comes destructive and the list can go on and on when talking about things that can possibly happen when you have hired a company to come to pick you up for any occasion. Sometimes things are just simply out of our control, or out of the control of a company you hired. Indeed, sometimes it is not anybody’s fault. When these things happen, it doesn’t do any good to get upset over it, scream and curse people. This is the time to call your emergency minibus company – AJ Travel and let us come to pick you up with quick service. You don’t have to be stranded anywhere, any longer.

So, next time if something happens to your scheduled transport, don’t worry. We are always there for our customers and as long as you use our services you are never going to be stuck in such situations. Just let us know when accidents occur and we are happy to serve you!


Sherzod Karimov

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