Women’s Hockey World Cup London 2018

This month we have witnessed some very outstanding sports festivals and ahead another one is about starting: Women’s Hockey World Cup 2018. Being hosted in England for the first time ever, it is reported to be the biggest hockey event United Kingdom will have ever seen

The Women’s Hockey World Cup is the field hockey World Cup competition for women and one of the most famous sports events of the world. It has been organized since 1974 and today for sports fanatics this is an event not to miss. This year also, located at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, Women’s Hockey World Cup lasts from 21 July to 5 August and 16 world-class nations from across the world will compete.

Tickets are now on sale, so get yours now and also don’t forget to contact us on 01213666777 to get you there!

Sherzod Karimov

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