Safety, punctuality, and a genuine concern for the well-being of patients are critical to operating a successful patient transportation service. Whether it’s for hospital transfers or regular outpatient checkups, AJ Travel delivers superb quality and service.
Our drivers have years of experience and training that helps improve performance and reduce expenses in this key customer service area. AJ Travel is professional, well-trained and dedicated to training, motivating, and coaching transport associates.
We know that in these busy modern times, it’s not always practical to take time off work etc., so that you can be there for loved ones needing you to drive them to their health checks. One-off appointments are alright, but regular appointments can be very demanding. But why stress when we are here to help?
So call our team today at 0121 366 6777 or email us at info@aj-travel.co.uk for more details on our patient transportation service.

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