Transportation is an essential component of modern society. Whether it is commuting to work, traveling for leisure, or transporting people with special needs, reliable and safe transportation services are critical. This is where AJ Travel comes in. AJ Travel specialises in providing solutions to the transport requirements of government, public and social groups.

AJ Travel has been working closely with government organisations to provide long-term solutions for their special needs transport requirements and allow them to provide efficient and reliable transport services for people with special needs, ensuring that they can travel with ease and comfort.

In addition, AJ Travel also provides transportation services to youth groups and local charities. The company understands the importance of supporting local projects, and their services play a vital role in helping these groups carry out their work. Whether it is transporting volunteers or equipment, AJ Travel is always ready to offer their assistance.

AJ Travel’s services are not limited to government organizations, youth groups, and charities. The company also provides transportation services to the general public, catering to both short and long-term requirements. If you are planning a trip and need reliable transportation, AJ Travel is the company to call, offering the best of their experienced services at the best prices.

One of the key features of AJ Travel’s services is their team of fully qualified and CRB-cleared drivers. This ensures that passengers can travel with peace of mind, knowing that they are in safe hands. The drivers are also experienced in dealing with passengers with special needs, providing the necessary support and assistance throughout the journey.

To request a free quotation for transportation services, you can visit AJ Travel’s website at https://aj-travel.co.uk/ or call on 0121 3666777.

AJ Travel’s customer service team is always ready to assist with any queries and provide recommendations based on your requirements.



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