Travelling in a group or solo can sometimes be a little tricky to decide when we go on our vacation. While many people feel comfort when they travel with friends, for others, time off should be not only from work but also from surrounding people. For those of you who are interested, today we try to give you some information about the good and bad sides of both sides.

Of course, at one look travelling in a group seems more advantageous. Because the more people you are with – the less money you are going to spend. Almost all the travelling costs, from accommodation to some modes of transportation, can be divided among travellers. Besides, wherever you go, you don’t have to worry about safety – you have familiar people around who are ready to give you a helping hand. Similarly, you always have someone to share your thoughts and ideas with, which means you will never have a boring time there. However, if your personalities, interests and choices don’t correlate with each other, the whole travel is likely to be ruined.

On the other side, when you have no one around but yourself, you don’t have to worry about this possible problem: you are the only and only boss of the entire trip! You decide where to go, when to go, how to go or not to go at all! You follow your own timetable and have a wonderful time spent with and for yourself! Still, we have cons that need to be noticed. You won’t have anyone to stay by your side if any bad things happen in a place you don’t know. What if you are lost? Attacked? Got sick? Both group and solo travel have good and bad in itself. Therefore, the rightest decision can be made according to your personality and character. Whether you enjoy spending time on your own or with people is the key to deciding a suitable way of travelling for you.

Whatever you choose, all we can say in the end is, happy travel!

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