Balancing a hectic schedule while ensuring a loved one gets to their medical check-up can be a challenging task. Worry not, Aj-Travel stands ready to support you! We offer expertly coordinated, round-the-clock patient transportation services for non-emergency medical appointments, offering relief during such demanding situations.

In the realm of customer service, we understand the pivotal role our drivers play. Acknowledging this, we’ve assembled a team of highly skilled drivers boasting years of experience and specialized training. They are not only adept at navigating our roads but also excel in interpersonal communication. This combination allows them to maintain effective interaction with patients, nurses, and other healthcare personnel, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey.

Equally, at Aj-Travel, we commit to providing vehicles outfitted with the latest necessary equipment and accessibility features. This includes vehicles that are specifically designed for wheelchair and stretcher accessibility, exemplifying our dedication to meeting all of your patient transportation needs. You can rest assured knowing that your loved ones will be transported securely and comfortably.

Aj-Travel’s specialist services encompass a wide range of medical transportation needs:

  • Regular Out-Patient Appointments
  • Hospital Discharge Assistance Outside Regular Hours
  • One-off or Specific Trips Tailored to Individual Needs
  • Specialized Transport for Dialysis Patients
  • Seamless Hospital Transfers
  • Care Home and Nursing Home Transfer Services

For more information regarding our Patient Transportation Service or to schedule a booking, please contact us at 0121 3 666 777 or visit our website at http://www.aj-travel.co.uk/

At Aj-Travel, we’re committed to making your medical transportation needs our top priority.

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